What innovation, investment and expertise are needed to reach net zero? The series of proof points below showcase the work we are doing in the UK and Europe to reach our goal of fossil freedom. The current focus is on low carbon heating.

Vattenfall Heat UK

For five years, Vattenfall Heat UK has been working with developers, local authorities, and housing associations to drive the transition towards low-carbon heating. Supplying 1.9 million customers across Europe with heat, we are applying over 100 years of heat network expertise to the UK market.

Socks on a radiator

Heat from algae cultivation?

Did you know? Algae cultivation is providing heat to up to 2500 apartments in Gustavsberg, Sweden.

Heat from biofuel?

Carpe Futurum provides heat to 76,000 households and heating customers in the Uppsala area, and is part of the transition towards fossil freedom for the city by 2030.

What is district heating?

Find out how district heating works to decarbonise cities by watching this short video.

What is needed to reach net zero?

Reaching net zero requires the right investment, innovation and expertise. Find out more by watching this short film.

Heating shouldn’t heat up the planet

Discover how we’re transforming the heating of buildings today, so you can live fossil free tomorrow.


Find out more about what Vattenfall is working on in the UK.

Onshore wind foundation

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