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Whitton Loch

Whitton wind energy project

The Whitton Wind Farm proposal is located approximately 8 km east of Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. It is located on privately owned land that is under permanent pasture and is mostly improved or semi-improved grassland.

Current status

Following the case officer’s refusal of planning permission, Vattenfall submitted an appeal on 25th September 2013. Vattenfall believe there is a strong case for Scottish Borders Council to support the scheme. As well as having the backing of the community and local business the project is also supported by Scottish Borders Council’s own planning policy.

The sensitive design for Whitton Wind Farm has avoided cumulative impacts with other wind farms in the region, furthermore there are no unacceptable landscape and visual or archaeological effects from the proposal therefore it has drawn no objections from statutory consultees such as SNH or Historic Scotland.


The development process started in 2003 and the project team has been working hard to develop the best project for the location which makes the greatest use of topography, and a wind turbine layout that represents environmentally the best fit for the site.

Vattenfall submitted the planning application to Scottish Borders Council in August 2009. At the beginning of February 2013, Vattenfall submitted an Addendum which details a proposed amendment to the scheme which would reduce the size of the wind farm from 6 wind turbines to 5 wind turbines.

This is to address the concerns of the Ministry of Defence with regard to the impact on the Eskdalemuir Seismic Listening Station.

The removal of the turbine closest to Oxnam results in a reduction in the visibility of the proposed wind farm. The amended layout would result in a reduction of the extent of visibility of Whitton Wind Farm from areas such as Cater Bar, Whitton Edge and Cessford Castle.

Working with the local community

Vattenfall is committed to keeping local people informed about its plans and has done so through exhibitions, leaflets, consultations, home visits and attendance at local events.

Following consultation over several years we have where possible modified the design of the wind farm to cater for particular concerns or issues.

We would like to thank you for sharing your local knowledge and insights with us.

Vattenfall is working hard to ensure that the local community would benefit from Whitton Wind Farm if given consent by:

• Providing £5,000 per MW installed over 25 years (the life-time of the wind farm)
• This could provide up to £75,000 per year
• Which could be up to £1,875,000 over 25 years.

Vattenfall is keen to work with local businesses and help them to take advantage of renewable energy opportunities by compiling a directory of appropriate local business, running supply chain events and encouraging appropriate training and accreditation.

Contractors can register their interest by contact Joanne Hutchinson.

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