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Our energy mix

Vattenfall’s energy mix reflects the energy mix in the countries in which we operate.

Within this framework, we continuously strive to improve our operations by making them cleaner, safer and more efficient. Vattenfall’s approach is based on the inherent strengths and weaknesses found in each particular form of energy and on existing political and societal expectations.

The energy mix in the European Union’s electricity production is dominated by fossil energy sources. Oil, coal and natural gas constitute about half of the electricity production in the EU countries. Hydro power is the largest renewable energy source and are, together with nuclear power, the dominating energy source in Sweden. Wind power is the fastest growing energy source in Europe.

Hydro iconHydro: Vattenfall will continue to be committed to hydro, growing through acquisitions in Central and Western Europe when possible.
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Nuclear power iconNuclear: Vattenfall is intensifying its efforts to achieve impeccable safety and optimal availability and will keep the option for growth in nuclear power open.
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Wind power iconWind: Vattenfall sees significant growth opportunities within wind power and will continue to expand offshore wind in the North Sea countries and onshore in prioritised markets.
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Biomass iconBiomass: Vattenfall intends to grow within the area of biomass and will increase co-firing of biomass in existing coal-fired plants to reduce CO2 emissions.
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Coal iconCoal: Vattenfall invests to enhance efficiency and reduce CO2-emissions in current plants but will not build any new plants without commercially proven CCS.
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Natural gas iconNatural gas: Vattenfall will maintain the current portfolio and will continuously be monitoring the potential for longer term growth. 
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