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Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

Vattenfall acquired the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm project in November 2008. Construction was completed September 2010.

There are 100 Vestas V90 3MW wind turbines currently operating at Thanet Offshore Wind Farm and the wind farm has a maximum installed capacity of 300MW. Thanet Offshore Wind Farm is capable of supplying enough clean power to meet the equivalent annual electricity demand of 200,000 UK households.

The offshore wind farm will make a significant contribution to the Government’s national and regional renewable energy targets.

The Thanet project is located approximately 12 km off Foreness Point, the most eastern part of Kent. Some elements of the onshore construction work commenced at the former Richborough power station in January 2008 where the onshore substation is located.

Thanet Offshore Wind FarmVattenfall is one of the biggest wind power operators in Britain and is the fifth largest energy producer in Europe. The Kentish Flats wind farm off Herne Bay/Whitstable, Kent is also owned by Vattenfall.

An Environmental Impact Assessment has been prepared to determine the effects on the local environment. The scope of these studies has been agreed with the appropriate government and environmental bodies.

Benefits to the local area

A range of potential benefits may accrue to the east Kent area from this development, including:

  • The total investment for completing the wind farm is in the order of around £780 million. A proportion of this was spent locally with benefits for local suppliers and services.
  • Local contractors and workers were used in support of the development.
  • A local maintenance facility has been built in the Port of Ramsgate, 21 people have been hired and 20 of these are from East Kent.
  • Tourism may be boosted. Many visitors have been attracted to both onshore and offshore wind farm developments in the past.
  • Making a significant contribution towards the South East’s renewable targets to help tackle the problems of climate change.

Facts about Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

  • There are 100 turbines with a maximum installed capacity of 300MW, enough power to meet the equivalent annual electricity demand of 200,000 UK households.
  • One of five potential offshore wind farms in the Thames Estuary Strategic Environmental Area.
  • The wind farm is located in water depths of 20-25m and cover an area of 35km2.
  • The nearest turbine is located approx 12km north east of Foreness Point.
  • Each turbine is 115m tall at its highest point, with a minimum clearance above sea level of 22m.
  • The distance between turbines is approximately 500m along rows and 800m between rows.

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