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Striving to reduce environmental impact

Vattenfall is committed to meet society’s need for energy in a responsible way. We continuously strive to reduce environmental impact from all our operations and from all our six energy sources (hydro, nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind and biomass.

All use of energy affects our environment: Construction of power stations and power lines causes intrusion in the landscape; building and operating power stations consumes raw materials; and energy and many energy sources produce emissions and waste. However, we must still bear in mind that energy is a prerequisite for life, and electricity makes important contributions to our health and welfare.

All of today’s globally used energy sources will continue to be required in the foreseeable future. We have to make long-term choices, and manage the energy sources needed in different countries efficiently and responsibly.

In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we strive to manage every energy source and all operations we have in the most efficient and responsible way with respect for the environment.

Vattenfall’s key environmental aspects include energy and resource efficiency, emissions reduction, management of waste and by-products, responsible land use and biodiversity protection.

In addition, as an energy utility with large market presence and purchasing power, Vattenfall strives to ensure that its activities to improve environmental performance also target suppliers, customers and policy makers.

Read more in the CSR report, page 14-17
CSR report 2011 (PDF 4 MB)

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