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Thanet Offshore Wind Farm

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In this section you will find the latest press releases from Vattenfall Group.

2010-04-15 | 16:20:00 | Vattenfall news

Vattenfall reviews wind farm foundations

During inspections of all its wind farms with monopile foundations, Vattenfall has found settlements. These findings will be investigated to find a suitable solution.

Settlements have occurred between the foundation pile and transition piece in the Egmond aan Zee wind farm in the Netherlands. For that reason, Vattenfall has undertaken inspections of all wind farms with monopile foundations to find out whether there have been settlements between the foundation pile and transition piece. This work is carried out to make sure turbines generate safely with top performance.

Investigation in Horns Rev 1, Kentish Flats and Thanet wind farms are still ongoing. It is confirmed that there are no visible cracks, but settlements have been found between the foundation pile and transition piece on the foundations examined so far at Horns Rev 1 and Kentish Flats.

These findings will be further investigated, measured and analysed to find a suitable repair solution that will secure a lifetime operation of the wind farms.

There are presently no settlements between the foundation pile and transition piece at Thanet. However; this is expected to happen within the operational lifetime of the turbines and Thanet will be closely monitored and included in the planning. There are no health or safety risks or threat to service or output. 

Information provider: Ingegerd Bills

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