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Llanbadarn Fynydd wind energy project

The wind farm proposal is located 2km north of Llanbadarn Fynydd, Powys.The site is within one of seven Strategic Search Areas (SSAs) designated by the Welsh Government for the development of large scale wind energy projects.

Current status of the wind energy project

In 2007 the final proposal for a wind farm at Llanbadarn Fynydd was submitted to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Reform (now the Department of Energy and Climate Change) for consideration.

 Illustration of Llanbadarn Fynydd Wind Farm

Supplementary Environmental Information was submitted in July 2008 and September 2010, which contained an improved site track layout, and habitat and traffic management plans.

Supplementary Environmental Information was submitted in February 2013 with the most recent Supplementary Information submitted in June 2013. The application is currently being considered at a Public Inquiry that commenced on 4th June 2013.
Click here to download the Non Technical Summary (PDF 7 MB)

What can the project offer to the area?

It is a company and project priority that we ensure that our investment brings appropriate benefit and opportunity to the region’s economy, environment and communities. Work to develop these benefits is already underway, and some examples of progress to date are outlined below.

The environment

At Llanbadarn Fynydd, we are proposing to undertake work to improve the biodiversity of the area through:

  • the introduction of native, indigenous trees,
  • the development of newt corridors, putting bird and bat boxes in place,
  • implementing a more diverse grazing regime.

The economy

We have been working within the region and more widely in Wales, particularly over the last year, to examine how we can maximise the potential of our project to stimulate economic growth and job creation. Some examples of our work to date include:

  • developing a grant support programme for supply chain companies, to ensure that they have the opportunity to develop the skills and accreditations necessary to work in the renewable energy sector
  • hosting briefing sessions for local companies to explain the potential opportunities through our projects
  • making commitments to ensuring that we look throughout all our processes for opportunities to maximise the value of our investment to the local economy
  • looking to secure that the manufacture of as many turbine components as possible in Wales and the UK.

Local communities

We are committed to providing a community benefit package to the host communities for the 25 year life of the project, which would be developed in dialogue with those communities. Each community has its own needs and aspirations, and we will look to develop the most appropriate solution on a project by project basis.

If you have any further queries about Llanbadarn Fynydd wind energy project or want to get involved with our work in Wales, please get in touch. See contact details at the top of the page.


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