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Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm

Kentish Flats is an offshore wind farm located approximately 8.5 to 13 km north of Herne Bay and Whitstable in Kent.

It is comprised of 30 3MW Vestas turbines that are expected to generate more than 280 GWh of green electricity every year, which is equivalent to the total annual electricity need of more than 61,000 UK households.

Thanet offshore wind farm, located off the north east Kent coast The Kentish Flats Wind Farm set a dual record at the time of its erection in 2005: The wind turbines were the largest installed in the UK, and it was also the largest wind farm in the country.

The Site

The site for the Kentish Flats Offshore Wind Farm is a large, flat and shallow plateau approx 60 kilometres east of central London.

The wind farm is arranged in a regular grid of five east-west rows each of six turbines, sited in an area of 10 km2 just outside the main Thames shipping lanes. The spacing between each turbine and rows of turbines is 700 meters.

The generated electricity is fed into the electricity network via a sub-station at Herne Bay for use in the national grid.

The site is easily accessed from the local maintenance port at Whitstable, which is only 30 minutes away by boat. The water depth is on average five meters.

Vattenfall recently obtained consent to extend Kentish Flats. If you would like to find out more about the wind energy project, please visit:
Kentish Flats Extension

Facts about Kentish Flats wind farm

Item Data
Wind turbine type (Vestas) V90/3.0
Maximum installed capacity 90 MW
Expected annual output Up to 280, 000, 000 kWh
Rotor diameter 90 m
Hub height 70 m
Weight, blade 6.6 tonne
Weight, nacelle 68 tonne
Weight, rotor 39.8 tonne
Weight, tower 108 tonne
Weight, foundation 247-292 tonne
Total weight per
wind turbine
463-508 tonne
Length of monopile 38-44 m
Cut-in wind speed 4m/s
Full power output from 14 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s
Mean wind speed at
70 meters height
8.7 m/s
Depth of water 5 m
Distance from shore 10 km
Distance between wind turbines 700 m
Wind farm site 10 km 2
Project costs (GBP) 105 million

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